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Why Focus China?

Reach out to 120,000 students with as low as RM$1,000.00 only. China Education Expo 2007, officially approved by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by China Education Association for International Exchange, has been staged successfully since 2000.

As one of the most high-profile events dedicated to study abroad market in China, it continues to provide the most effective and indispensable platform to meet face-to-face with your targeted visitors. It is also an unparalleled opportunity for Malaysian exhibitors to showcase the quality programs, courses and curriculum tailor-made to the Chinese students, thus defining their perspectives and insights on their career prospects in the present competitive job market worldwide.

China Education Expo 2007 at a glance

- aaThe most influential and high-profile event dedicated to study abroad market in China offering the best
aaaaccess to a multiple choices of international education for those wishing to diversify their portfolio. 472 aaaexhibitors from 26 countries and regions registered at China Education Expo 2006.

- aaChina Education Expo 2006's survey reported that nearly 50% of the students regarded face-to-faceaa
communication as their top reason for attendance.

-aa A value-added place to understand what is going on and what is ahead in the future opportunities and
aaaseek apotential partnerships in the world's most dynamic education market. Each year since 2002,
the number of Chinese students studying abroad continues to register more than 100,000. It is
aa expected
that the number will amount to 200,000 by 2010 and 300,000 by 2020.

-a aA platform to boost your brand image and strengthen your leadership in China through distinctive
aaa marketing presence. Last year's exhibitor survey reported that 88% of Beijing exhibitors and 83% of
aaa Shanghai exhibitors rated it as successful.

-aa Numerous networking sessions designed to maximize your time at the event and provide you the best
aaa atmosphere to meet your peers, partners and potential clients, by taking part in China International
aaa Forum on Education which takes place simultaneously in Beijing.

Approved by :
Ministry of Education, PRC

Sponsored by :
China Education Association for International Exchange





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